onsdag 5 september 2012

Syria - When do we have the responsibility to protect?

I'm sure most of you who have been following the daily news have seen the situation in Syria. A situation which really is a civil war. Syria obviously can't protect their people. So, with that noted the responsibility to protect becomes important. The norm is formulated as following: " - The State carries the primary responsibility for the protection of populations from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing. - The international community has a responsibility to assist States in fulfilling this responsibility. - The international community should use appropriate diplomatic, humanitarian and other peaceful means to protect populations from these crimes. If a State fails to protect its populations or is in fact the perpetrator of crimes, the international community must be prepared to take stronger measures, including the collective use of force through the UN Security Council." All kinds of violations of human rights are allowed to take place here but where's the international community? Why is there hesitation when the Syrian government obviously can not protect their people? Especially the children. Many children have lost their homes, parents and families. They're forced to live in the middle of the civil war where they really don't have any security at all. Practically always one step away from beeing hit by a bullet, bomb or experiencing other types of human rights violations. I know it also has got to do with China using their right to put in veto. But don't they deserve the same rights, both positive and negative rights, as every other child? I think everbody can agree with me when I say they do. So, the norm on the responsibility to protect needs to be strengthened and used more effectively, because really? How long is it going to take? I mean it's one thing to talk about the situation and have meetings and conventions regarding this, but the situation in Syria has been stated several times. It is now known. Yes, the situation is critical and now, it's time to let words become action. Now.