tisdag 21 december 2010

First post :)

This is officially my first post on this blog, even though I started it this summer. Exciting! Since I'm a human rights student this blog will address questions about human rights and global issues, fields I'm interested in.

Anyway, I'll start off with something fun.
Last week toghether with millions of other youths around the world I was given the oppurtunity to send a submission to the USUN. The project was called "The voices of our generation". People between the ages of 13 and 21 could send a submission of 250 words that would be addressed by ambassador Susan Rice today at the meeting taking place at the UNSC.
The question was, what we think is the most vital challenge to international peace and security facing our genreration. Interesting and really fun participating!
I got to know about this a little bit late but I managed to participate anyway. Such chances SHOULD be taken by everyone, that is if you have the interest :)

I'll copy my submission that I made. Here it is:)

The negative effects of globalization

Globalization is a positive phenomenon. It opens up borders, supports us with information and better communication. Better relationships between states are also parts of it. These are positive effects of globalization.
But the issues with globalization are if it is used for the wrong purposes. As much as globalization can decrease differences between people it also increases the differences and leads us to situations of conflict. Informal violence has become an issue that has grown with globalization.
International criminal organizations such as terrorist groups get the opportunity to organize. That may be difficult to stop immediately. Such groups take advantage of the positive effects of globalization. They can easier contact each other and mobilize for new and more effective crimes.
September 11 is a date that signifies that informal violence has become globalized. It also is evidence that a big threat is facing our coming generation.
Groups that occupy themselves with informal violence are colossal future issues, because they are non-state actors who operate across state borders with a seat that is unknown. It is a threat to international peace and security. Controlling them and keeping a stabile situation worldwide is a future challenge to peace and security.
The most vital challenge to international peace and security facing my generation is how we can reduce the negative effects of globalization and keep a stabile situation that does not threaten peace and security.