torsdag 12 september 2013

World First Aid Day!

Today is World First Aid day. Not many people now how to save lives through first aid (including me, I'm a bit rusty). Well it's very important to know how, if you're working within a humanitarian organization or anywhere. In fact, it's just good to know how and can be life changing. You never know when a situation will come up where this knowledge is needed. It could be anywhere. On the road for road safety, if you're out somewhere, volunteerig etc. Actually the Red Cross has a whole page dedicated to first aid today (I'll post the link  below).
I've taken it upon me to refresh my knowledge around first aid. Also I found the app First Aid by the American Red Cross. It's very easy to understand and has step by step instructions to follow. And there are different categories to choose from depending on what the emergency is. Download it to you smartphone and learn how to use first aid! It comes in Swedish as well. By having it on your phone you carry it with you easily.
Let's learn first aid today!

Red Cross website: